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You Wouldn’t Drink Poison!....Would You?

Vegetable oils are pretty much the last thing you should be putting into your body.

Aside from the obvious white and granular elephant in the room of course.

Unlike natural saturated fats such as lard, butter, tallow & coconut, they are terrible for cooking with as they degrade and oxidise at relatively low heat, creating reactive oxygen species that wreak-havoc with your health.

These oils classified as “vegetable” (probably to make them sound healthy) are a group of highly processed and damaging industrially produced toxins.

Vegetable oils actually come from plants that don’t form part of the human diet, such as sunflower, rape, safflower and even cotton.

When was the last time you considered cotton a food?

They are high in Omega 6 fats (pro-inflammatory) and degrade from a molecular standpoint once heated, making them extremely dangerous to our bodies. (1)

Hexane is used to extract the oils from the various plants and deodorise them (as they otherwise smell awful).

Hexane is a known toxin, and is still present in the final oil product, as much as 0.8mg per kilo of oil.

Even short-term exposure to hexane can cause damage to the nervous system, unconsciousness, headaches and nausea.

Some vegetable oils are also bleached to make them look more light and healthy.

So after heat and hexane and emulsification and bleach and sometimes synthetic colouring....your cotton seeds have now produced a lovely bottle of poison-containing, pro-inflammatory oil that will break-down under heat exposure when you cook with it, to make it even more toxic.

Hard to understand why this has replaced butter in baked goods isn’t it!

Other than the fact that there is a massive agricultural industry that operates by providing these cheap vegetable oils to industry, and has created the propaganda that they are “heart healthy”.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Afflictions that befall you from all of these “heart healthy” oils include some of the most awful chronic conditions.

Pretty much every chronic inflammatory condition is caused or exacerbated by this kind of toxic substance, including heart disease, insulin resistance and even dementia. (2)

So do yourself a massive favour!

Ditch the oils and opt for the old-fashioned lard, tallow, butter or coconut oil for cooking Instead!


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