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It's Finally Arrived! (but how can you get your hands on a copy?)

Well...after two years and two months (nearly) my guide to avoiding, or recovering from, heart disease is finally launched!

"Yay!" I hear you exclaim.

It has been an enlightening journey of discovery for me to really delve deeply into the science and research behind the concepts of what drives chronic disease, and in particular heart disease.

I have learned loads about the chemistry and biology of the cardio-vascular and metabolic functions of the body...... discovered the measurement techniques to track adverse reactions and genetics that may otherwise go un-noticed..... tested dietary protocols and supplements...... performed exercise regimes and relaxation techniques.....studied the psychology of change and habit-forming....and created a formula for applying all of the above into some simple lifestyle adaptations that anyone can implement into a daily routine to minimise their heart disease risk. (I called the formula C.R.A.S.H.)

In the end, all of that seemed straightforward in comparison to writing, designing graphics, editing, formatting, simplifying complex language and finally publishing the book.

All authors out there that have done this have my utmost respect.

At the end of this huge undertaking though...there are some teething issues in getting your hands on a this post is designed to help you navigate the best way to get your copy, and start to optimise your heart health.

Use Your Head, Heal Your Heart should now be available to buy from all good bookshops for £9.99 (UK) and priced for each other country in your local currency.

You can search online bookshops with the ISBN Number: 978-1-8384783-0-8 or provide this to any high-street bookshop and they should be able to order the paperback for you.

Sometimes their systems can take a few weeks from release to find newly released books though, so you may need to hunt around for it, or be a little patient.

However, Amazon (the only organisation that seems to be able to immediately update their systems to order the book) also (rather unhelpfully) seems to want to ship the product to the UK with a dodgy exchange rate from Europe, with a HUGE delivery when you look-up the paperback on they will offer to deliver it to you about £21.24. (see below)

This was originally resolved by scrolling a bit further down the page, to where there was previously an option to order through Amazon Prime with free delivery (try this it may still work for some people), at which point they magically reduced the price to £ it should be for UK buyers (as they would then print it in the UK to save on shipping).

They now seem to have removed this option altogether though!! (The crafty buggers).

I am so sorry that it isn't cheaper! I really hoped it would be.

This is genuinely the cheapest price I could list the book for, with the retailer margin, delivery, page number, colour cover and format size, without paying towards each copy produced....and this even meant that I couldn't afford to have full-colour inside without charging more.

The epub version is available for Kindle devices through Amazon for £3.79 here.

Apple seems to have quite a delay in adding the book to their bookstore, so I will add a purchasing link for the epub version for Apple users that don't read through the Kindle app on my website

For those of you that are happy to read the book on your device as a PDF....I have some great can obtain a FREE PDF copy directly from my website....just scroll down the page, add your name and email, press the button and you will have instant access to a download of the book.

If challenges with the paperback persist I will order a large number of copies from the publishing house and offer then at UK list price from my website.

Anyway...I hope you are able to get yourselves a copy at the best price in the format that you prefer.......if you have any problems email me at and I will make sure you get a hook or by crook.

I am excited to share what I have learned, and I look forward to hearing your comments on the please do share them with me.

Here's to your god health!


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